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New workshops are developed specifically for our clients and planned workshops can be changed around to address the current needs of your team (which may change from month to month or is likely to be discovered through the coaching work). We are constantly evolving and growing our workshop database so stay tuned for more!

Communicate with Courage, Confidence and Compassion

Facilitated by Heather Mitchell (actress) and Claire Van Der Boom (actress)
Heather MitchellClaire Van Der Boom

Lead and communicate with courage, confidence and compassion. This is a powerful workshop focused on helping participants reach their potential and thrive in the workplace and beyond – focusing on character development by exploring our own personal beliefs, behaviours, habits and values. Participants will be encouraged to 'try on’ and experiment with new voices, postures and language in a safe, supported and playful environment.

with Conviction

Facilitated by Melissa Bruder (acting coach) and Matilda Brown (actress, filmmaker, coach)
Melissa BruderMatilda Brown

It’s been said that all acting is negotiation. What is it that really gets us about the most compelling performances? It’s that we forget about the acting and get completely drawn into what the actor is doing. It’s persuasive. We relate to the character. They’ve successfully won us over to their point of view. Wouldn’t it be great if you could apply some of these tools in the workplace? In this workshop, we will examine skills from the tried and tested acting technique, Practical Aesthetics, to give your employees the skills and tactics they need to communicate and express themselves in all situations.

Emotional Intelligence
in the Workplace

Facilitated by Catherine Mack (holistic health coach, actress and filmmaker) and Matilda Brown (actress, filmmaker, coach)
Catherine MackMatilda Brown

Emotional Intelligence (EI) refers to the ability to understand and manage emotional encounters. It sounds simple, but how we deal with those emotions can be quite challenging. Developing a deeper understanding of why people (including ourselves) act and react in certain ways is fundamental to the art of EI – which is essential when dealing with conflict and communication. Great leaders have exceptionally high EI. This fun workshop delves deep into our emotional and social skills with role play and observation.

The alignment
Workshop (Corporate Strategy)

Facilitated by Josh Sparks (CEO, entrepreneur)
Josh Sparks

Strategically aligned companies have a much better chance of succeeding in today’s challenging business environment. But CEOs are very busy people and often messages get passed down the line, only to end up a bit like Chinese whispers – completely missing the mark. How can you expect your employees to move forward confidently if they don’t know where they are headed? This workshop is designed to help employees understand the company’s goals and objectives in a more comprehensive way – so that each individual can become more active in achieving them.


Facilitated by Liz Watters (KinAesthetic Practitioner, psychotherapist)
Josh Sparks

Change is the one constant fundamental process in all life, yet at the core of people’s behavior is a fear of change. In this workshop Liz will help participants understand their unconscious behaviours, which hinder the ability and desire for change and personal growth. Participants will learn how to create sustainable change in themselves and others, how to swiftly change based on their needs, and how to create an environment for change in the workplace and with their teams. In a simple way, with simple new habits, employees will learn the skills to pivot and adapt.

Know Your
Why (Brand Story)

Facilitated by Josh Sparks, (CEO, entrepreneur), Matilda Brown, (actress, filmmaker) and Christina Smith (Sales & Marketing Director)
Josh SparksMatilda BrownChristina Smith

In film, we talk a lot about The Hero’s Journey. It’s what we all relate to when we watch a great film: the story arc of the central character. What happen when we apply this philosophy to your company? MAGIC. It’s obvious that every CEO should know the WHY of the company, but what about each employee? Can they really articulate the essence of WHY the company exists? How do they talk about their place of work to their friends and loved ones? The point of this workshop is to uncover the HEARTBEAT of your company and help your employees connect to The Hero’s Journey – with the Hero being the Company. They’ll feel invested in seeing it fulfil its purpose and aligned to their own value in it. The best part is, we’ll create your company’s Hero’s Journey film, so everyone in the company and future employees can watch it and be on the same page.

Exploring Your

Facilitated by Claire Van Der Boom (actress, acting coach)
Claire Van Der Boom

Every singer and actor can vouch for the importance of voice and breath-work in helping build the courage and tools they need to do their very best performances and feel grounded in high pressure situations. In this workshop, Claire will work with individuals and groups to discover the power of their voice, their tone and their delivery, so they too can ‘act’ confident in stressful and demanding situations. Essential body, breath and vocal exercises practised by actors on and off set will be used to help equip individuals with the tools they need to continue to strengthen their relationship with language and voice.

Selling with

Facilitated by Karen Ledbury (TV presenter)
Placeholder Woman

This workshop focuses on building the connection between you, your product/service and your client. Connecting you with words that sell and helping to bring a deeper sense of passion, believability and soulfulness to your sales.

Participants will:

  • Get in touch with the brand message and understand the words that sell.

  • Learn the emotion of the sell and the connection with the consumer/client.

  • Learn tips on how to execute an Authentic Delivery.

  • Learn tips on reducing nerves to help deliver a strong, confident and believable sales pitch.

Hands Off
The Wheel

Facilitated by Damien Walshe-Howling (actor, filmmaker) and Matilda Brown (actress, filmmaker, coach)
Damian Walshe-HowlingMatilda Brown

Creative inspiration is central to of all forms of productivity – whether it be art, commerce or finance. An award-winning pitch, brief, presentation or even business plan must balance structure with fluid and creative ideas that engage the intended audience. Statistics tell us that business capacity increases when individual employees feel confident to bring their creative minds to the fore. In this workshop, Damian and Matilda draw on tools used regularly within the film and television industry to help team members think creatively and collaboratively. Participants will be asked to find creativity and inspiration in the mundane and work in teams to ‘sell’ us the most boring product in the most engaging and creative way. With teamwork, outlandish thinking and collaboration, this is a fun, inspiring and creative day, which will leave your employees brimming with new ways to see the world.

The 'Real'

Facilitated by Sancia Robinson (TV casting producer, acting coach, actress)
Sancia Robinson

Everyone has an inner critic. As a casting producer, Sancia’s main job has been to help people understand the value and hinderance of their own inner critic. She is an expert in managing the abusive inner voice that comes into our minds right when we’re trying to be our best. We have all experienced that unhelpful voice just as we’re about to step into an important meeting or presentation (or in a performer’s case, on stage). This workshop asks participants to be brave and reveal their inner critic, owning and even naming it. Sancia works less from a specific structure and more with the needs of the group or specific goal. People call her “The People Whisperer”, because she has a way of bringing out the best in people.

Presenting with

Facilitated by Karen Ledbury (TV Presenter)
Placeholder Woman

'Fear' is one of the first things that comes to mind when asked to present. It is also much easier to say ‘be confident” than to feel it. Whether it’s presenting in front of a client, a room full of people or in front of a camera, this workshop focuses on preparing you for your most authentic delivery. It gives you the tools to help minimise nerves and help find your inner presenting power. This session is tailored depending on the needs of the group.

It can cover:

  • Posture, voice and dressing for the occasion.

  • Understanding nervousness and tips on how to overcome it.

  • Talking about nothing – the art of being able to articulate your message and talk without “ums” or “ahs”.

  • Authentic delivery, i.e. learning how to connect with the words and your audience to create a confident, believable and likeable presentation.

Performance in

Facilitated by Felix Williamson (actor, writer, director)

You know the subject inside and out and you're clear on the results you need – so how come everyone looks so bored in your presentations? What are you doing wrong? Felix Williamson will tell you! He’s not only an award-winning writer, actor and director, but with 20 years experience teaching in the corporate world, he knows a bad presentation when he sees one and he isn’t afraid to dish out some hard-hitting truths! You’ll waste no time in this workshop. Using cameras to capture the good, the bad and the ugly (presentations that is) participants will leave with the confidence they need to capture the attention of an audience who would rather be scrolling through Instagram.

Skills include:

  • Enhancing your physical and vocal presentation.

  • Structuring your storytelling.

  • Engaging with your audience.

  • Meeting your objectives.


Facilitated by Heather Mitchell (actress)
Heather Mitchell

Science tells us that our brains are hard wired for story. A well-crafted and well-told story can make or break a presentation, a job interview, a business pitch or even a dinner party. Within communities, storytelling encourages recollection of our diverse cultural and ethnic heritage and acknowledges an appreciation of each generation’s contribution to the community. Storytelling can build and strengthen communities.

In the workshop, Heather will:

  • Start with exercises designed to generate ideas and build on existing ideas to stir the imagination.

  • Look at crafting a story from the idea – including finding a structure, using language, building events and building dramatic tension through turning points.

  • Work with you on telling a story – using the voice and body language.

‘Health-ify’ your

Facilitated by Scott Gooding (health coach, author, business owner)
Scott Gooding

Adversity has taught Scott rich lessons in life and how to get the best out of our health. He has spent the last 15 years in the fitness and health industry crafting his 11 Tenants of Health based on his own experience and research. He is passionate about natural foods and is an advocate for regenerative farming and the importance of food provenance. Scott believes the health of a business is the sum of health of the individuals. Throughout the workshop Scott will deliver his philosophy to achieving optimal health, connection and wellbeing across his 11 Tenants of Health, and how they directly influences businesses.

Movement and Mind

Facilitated by Lizzy Williamson (fitness expert, personal trainer and speaker

Lizzy’s workshop is designed to give teams a toolkit of practical, achievable ways to keep their bodies safe and happy, their brains working better, and their spirits lifted.

It’s an interactive, uplifting session to discover:

  • How to prevent back/shoulder/neck/hip pain and discomfort.

  • Easy ways to increase incidental exercise.

  • Why it’s vital to disrupt long periods of sitting time.

  • How movement helps boost mood, focus and energy.

  • Quick and simple techniques to reduce stress and anxiety.

  • An exercise and self-care routine to help manage stress, fatigue, and at-home overeating.

  • Creative ideas to keep physically and mentally well both individually and as a team.

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