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WOLF is not textbook or data driven. We’re about engaging people to counsel their concerns, scenario training to build self-belief, storytelling groups to foster salesmanship and think-tanks to grow innovation. Our unique and innovative process is unlike any other and challenges your business’ mindset by using creative methods from the film industry.

We use:

  • Powerful creativity and methodologies from outside the corporate world to change your way of thinking;

  • Practical application – like role-playing, one-on-one interactions, group work and social activities to build a team-focused workplace;

  • An ‘individual-up’, not ‘top-down’ approach to empower your team and make their voices heard.


A bespoke series of sessions for when you need to get the company and its employees on the same page. Our focus is on building that alignment from the grass roots team member first – through open dialogue and honest discussions.

These are the sessions for you, if...

  • Team members seem directionless or their performance is low;

  • Team members want to grow within the company, but don’t know how;

  • Team members need help thinking creatively or working together to solve problems;

  • The company cares about the future of its team members and wants to see them thrive;

  • The company and its team members have different expectations, values or goals.


A bespoke series of sessions to help your team connect to the company’s core reason for being – through the art of storytelling. Our focus is on ensuring that the whole business lives and breathes the brand story and values, and that each team member is inspired by its core message.

These are the sessions for you, if...

  • Team members seem to lack enthusiasm or motivation;

  • The company struggles to spell out its WHY to new employees or external parties;

  • Team members have difficulty communicating in the workplace;

  • The company wants to build camaraderie among team members;

  • The company needs an updated Vision Statement and brand reboot.


A bespoke series of sessions designed to tackle your problem points. Whether your Sales team just needs some fine-tuning or there’re some deep-seated cultural problems that need bringing to light, this is our most tailor-made option that focuses on every business’ greatest asset: people.

These are the sessions for you, if...

  • Team members are experiencing low morale because of an internal or external crisis;

  • Team members don’t get along or need help resolving conflict;

  • Team members need help building confidence, presenting or developing a media presence;

  • The company has communication or culture problems;

  • The company knows that there are problems, but doesn’t know where to start.

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