Learn from the best

The best teachers have been there, seen it all, and come out the other side. Our facilitators are highly respected experts in their fields, with decades of experience brought about by failing, succeeding and everything in between.

Wolf Leadership brings together over 240 years of combined experience. This is the secret sauce, where we can draw down from this wide diversity of experience to tailor to your needs.

Learn more about our core facilitator group below. We also have a network of facilitators in other specialised fields such as cyber security and more.

Christina Smith

Communications | Sales & Marketing | Team Building

Christina has an impressive background in creative communications, sales and marketing. Her ability to create teaming organisations with a strong customer-centric ethic is well regarded both locally and internationally, including credentials in strategic positioning and brand management underpinned by best-practice management techniques.

As one of the key Directors at Bear Marketing, today Christina is focused on developing and assisting the “Bear Team” to deliver stunning performances and exciting creative communications every day through this full-service content and digital marketing agency.

Christina’s powerful track record of making and driving the distribution of great content so companies can achieve specific sales and marketing results has earned her an impressive reputation with corporate Boards, CEOs and Senior Management teams.

Christina will help you to bring marketing strategies and content ideas to life while inspiring and facilitating the strategic thinking required to identify new revenue or relationship opportunities in your business.


Dianne Holmes

Culture | Rewards | Emotional Intelligence

Dianne is an expert at getting the most out of people. She specialises in engaging

teams and sustaining high performance. Clients describe Dianne as a “deliverer beyond expectations, a wise counsel and amazing coach with an uncanny knack for predicting things before they happen.”  Her unique ability to strengthen the link between people and strategy, as well as manage, motivate and retain talent, is invaluable as organisations develop or upskill their people to support their long-term success. 

Di has been working in the People space since the late 1980s and is the founder of “WAAS”. Established in 2003, Di does so much more than “People”! She describes her business as “People Experience” working with C-Suite executives, Boards, leadership teams and business owners. From pharmaceuticals to federal and state government agencies, medical and health, automotive, zero-emission, AI and technologies, hospitality, not-for-profits and associations, Di has played a role in Executive Coaching, Strategy, Facilitation, Development and the People Lifecycle.

Di’s degrees include Master of Science (M.S) in psychology (with interests in Organisational Behaviour & Children) and Master’s in Business Administration (MBA). Di has a unique ability to get it (and get it done), including her deep commitment to working in a collaborative, transparent and inclusive manner with a style that is infectiously fun.


Michael Croaker

Communications | Active Listening | Problem-Solving

Michael is a corporate expert in developing highly dynamic and creative environments for enduring company success. Michael works to bring people out of unnecessary fear and anxiety to discover the inherent confidence already hardwired within.

Michael is an award-winning 30-year theme park veteran. At 18 he was the youngest Live Show Announcer in the history of Sea World on the Gold Coast. By his mid-20s he had become Head of Show Production, writing and developing live park content and providing broad creative oversight.

At 29, he assumed the role of Entertainment Manager for WONDERLAND SYDNEY, successfully introducing both MARVEL, DREAMWORKS and HASBRO into the park during his tenure. Appointed to the role of Head of Entertainment for Village Roadshow Theme Parks in 2005, Michael would go on to not only lead diverse creative teams through compelling day trade content within Warner Bros. Movie World, Sea World and Wet n Wild Waterpark, but also produce an annual series of large scale park events including FRIGHT NIGHTS, CARNIVALE and WHITE CHRISTMAS, while writing and producing live-action Stunt Shows and Character Suit productions.

In 2019, Michael became part of the Village Roadshow Theme Parks team spearheading a strategic entry into the Chinese market while continuing with the upcoming LIONSGATE ENTERTAINMENT WORLD project in Zhuhai. He also manages to find time to work as a professional Voice Over Artist, Keynote Speaker and Actor. Whenever asked about what business he is in, Michael’s answer is always the same, ‘the business of hardwiring memories for life’.


Melanie Marshall

Influence & Conflict (From a Place of Trust)

Melanie is an author and specialist in building trust who will bring you some profound a-ha moments while building a rewarding team environment. With an extensive public sector background in complex, large-scale organisations, and private industry experience, Melanie understands the clarity, systemised approach and discipline needed to make the most of what you have and adapt for sustainable high performance.

Translating and working between strategy and operations is her focus. Like a personal trainer and coach, she closes the gap between reality and vision by bringing the psychological and practical game to shift thinking and change behaviour to get results.

Melanie leads by example, having competed in two bodybuilding competitions just to prove to herself that she can adapt emotionally, mentally, and physically! As an Air Force veteran, she is passionate about helping private companies create veteran-ready cultures that benefit everyone.

Focused on creating practical and evidence-based approaches for achieving better outcomes at scale, Melanie works as a partner to optimise leadership, business intelligence, and how people deliver services for sustainable high performance.


Danny Martinez

Executive Strategy | Roadmaps for Growth Planning | Execution

Danny Martinez is a merchant banker who has worked at the highest levels of banking and finance. He understands what it takes to get there, wherever your ‘there’ is, and will support your team with tangible ways to create money-making strategies and accountability to drive success.

Danny is CEO of Danka Pty. Limited, a management consultancy providing a range of strategic, financial and corporate consulting services to medium to large corporate clients, while also serving on many boards around the country. As a veteran lover of basketball, Danny still plays and is even managing the build of a multi-million dollar sports excellence school in Sydney.

As a high-level, seasoned executive, Danny brings profound experience, insight and wisdom into organisational restructuring, performance management, long-term planning and financial management that sets up the financial strength of businesses to master growth and enduring success.


Hilary Hahn

Developing Sales Mindset | Delivering Over Target Results

Hilary is a highly respected sales and market executive throughout Australasia and a sought-after facilitator/coach in leading sales change, reset and strategic direction. Some of her industry sectors include FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Printing, Media, Telecommunications, Higher Education, VET and Corporate training.

Through empowerment and transformational leadership, Hilary’s style will transform your team into money-makers! An enthusiastic and energetic person with experience in sales, marketing and general management, a majority of her roles have featured significant change, cost reduction management, and delivery of over-target results through empowerment and transformational leadership.

Hilary has worked with large organisations with over 3000 employees, from the head office to remote regional areas across Australia, during which time she has honed her very strategic, problem-solving skills in highly competitive and complex environments. She is an accredited mentor, coach and sales trainer who has had the honour of mentoring high-potential employees at Hewlett Packard, Qantas, Jetstar, Leighton Holdings and various retail-focused SMEs. Coaching and training Sales teams for Yellow Pages, Kodak, Symbion, Sigma, PMP Printing, Sirius Telecommunications, Aspen and various retail Pharmacy groups in Australia and Asia have also developed her portfolio as a sought-after expert in her field.


Phil Foster

Resilience | Collaboration | Leading Through Disruption​

Phil will take your group through a profound and collaborative experience in developing multifunctional teams in tough-as-nails environments. He is a highly motivated and ambitious Behavioural Leadership Coach who develops and inspires leaders to create belonging and motivation to deliver company goals and objectives.

Committed and trusted leaders act in ways that are congruent with organisational objectives and goals. Phil’s mission is to shape the culture of organisations to make Behavioural Leadership coaching an underpinning element of every organisation’s success.

Using a value-based approach to developing leadership inner resources, capability and culture, with a facilitation style that inspires people and enhances performance, Phil believes in developing and inspiring leaders who create belonging and a success-orientated culture.


Lynell Dumont

Sales/Cross & Upselling | Conversions

Lynell is an International Educator who has helped businesses all over the world tap into their revenue streams, turning golden opportunities into profit.

Lynell built substantial success from her first business in the beauty industry, which when on to facilitate an extended series of successful business ventures, which she continued to build and sell, earning her reputation as a leader with a strong portfolio.

Lynell is an international educator who has supported thousands of beauty salons to learn the skills of building their own success stories from the ground up.

Currently, Lynell runs her company, Naturaleque, which is “a lighthouse for the organic, sustainable and safe creation of hair products., with thousands of salons joining the NATULIQUE Family.”

An inspiring and motivational speaker, Lynell has delivered keynotes to upward of 4,000 people in Las Vegas and will bring her exciting brand of creative, fun, inspiring and spirited energy to every presentation she delivers.


Andy Kehoe

Embracing & Executing Change | Adaptability

Andy is a senior mining and operations executive, currently providing services as Operations Manager to Myuma Group, which comes with a rich history at a wide range of organisations, including MDG Mining Group and Round Oak Minerals. He brings his extensive skillset to the fore when they are needed most as a specialist in pulling mining companies from the brink. When mines are in trouble, it’s him they call.

He delivers practical solutions in the world of high-stakes mining operations, renowned for his level-headed, big-picture solutions that have proven life-saving in mining operations.


Steve Carfino

High Performance | Motivation

NBL Legend Steve Carfino brings his outside-the-box approach to achievement and delivers motivation like no other. Steve has spoken internationally on stage and in the media for over two decades and provides powerful presentations on topics including leadership, motivation, teamwork and tenacity.

As an internationally recognised professional MC, Commentator, Interviewer and Keynote Speaker, Steve has had the privilege of speaking in the media for over two decades, including as a broadcast media commentator for Network 10 and FOX Sports. Steve has hosted events and tours for major organisations including IBM, Reeboks, Coca-Cola Amatil, Golf Australia, the NBL and the NBA.

Steve brings fun and laughter with insightful keynote presentations on topics including leadership, motivation, teamwork and tenacity that have audiences raving for weeks and months to come.

Steve continues to invest his time in basketball team coaching, always applying the lessons within the sport that are applicable to the wider and corporate world. Engaging, humble and grounded, Steve will lift you up with the strategies of tactical play and resilience that can teach us all how we can win and reach higher ground together.


Martin Brooker

Teams - Collaboration | Accountability | Business Cadence

A former AU Naval Commodore, Martin Brooker is a force to behold in command – when accountability has no room for weakness. Martin’s deep insights and powerful lessons of leadership, high stakes and mistakes that helped deliver on mission-critical imperatives, will ignite and inspire individuals wanting to take their leadership to the next level.

Martin learned the importance and reliance on leadership throughout his 37-year career as an officer in the Royal Australian Navy. Martin’s operation service included command of an Amphibious Ship in the Middle East and the Pacific, the Navy’s elite Clearance Divers and Deputy Commander of Australia’s Joint Forces in the Middle East and Afghanistan. Recognised for his experience to inspire, educate and activate deeper leadership capacity, Martin was the Program Director for the Navy’s biggest change program, New Generation Navy.

With an instinctive ability to scan any environment and identify where complexity, incongruence and ambiguity are obscuring the line of sight, Martin impacts team potential and performance.

Retired from full-time Naval service, Martin travels the world, drawing on his experiences to help leaders drive cultural change, address complex problems and lift their teams to higher performance.

As an experienced Keynote Speaker and Leadership Coach, Martin works with various industries globally, particularly those working in high-risk environments.

Sharing lived experiences from his Naval career, Martin Brooker will ignite and inspire with his powerful presentations drawing on mistakes made and critical lessons learned to lead teams to deliver on mission-critical imperatives.