Wolf Leadership

Build a strong, connected and progressive team culture.


We believe that human creativity inspires solutions and sparks innovation.


Our individual experts are armed with knowledge that is enjoyable to access, easy to digest and sparks personal action.


We deliver engaging, interactive workshops and coaching so that you can build your people and performance while you build your brand.

Our unique and innovative process is unlike any other and challenges your business’ mindset by taking inspiration from the film industry and business professionals.

How Wolf Can Transform your Business

WOLF is not textbook or data driven. We’re about…

  • Engaging people to counsel their concerns
  • Scenario training to build self-belief
  • Storytelling to foster salesmanship
  • Think-tanks to grow innovation

Starting with our bespoke 90-day Power Program – which incorporates one-on-one onboarding and alignment sessions for every team member, group workshops of your choice and a personalised LMS – we curate a personalised roadmap for your business development.


We’ll conduct with you and each member of your team two personalised 45-minute sessions each month, where one of our coaches will develop a personal plan – including goals and outcomes – with relevant supporting resources.

2Online Power Workshops

We’ll run your choice of three 1-2 hour group POWER workshops that best suit your team and goals.

3Personalized LMS

We’ll create a custom Wolf Learning Management System (LMS) for your business – with weekly touchpoints, supporting resources, your business story and valuable tools for inductions and realignment.

Wolf Can Help You Improve

Is your business struggling with teamwork, or experiencing workplace conflict? Maybe members of your organisation have trust issues or seem to lack motivation. You might simply want to elevate a good team to greatness. In every situation, Wolf is here to help!

Communication Capabilities

Collaboration & decision making, problem-solving, and development of interpersonal skills.

Articulating Culture & Company DNA

Understand the heartbeat and driving motivation behind the company.

& Creative Thinking

Creative strategy, creative thinking and innovative practice.

Sales Development Million Dollar Questioning

Right questions strategies and other sales training that builds credibility and leadership.

Personal Development & Individual Well-Being

Build their confidence, emotional intelligence and self-awareness. Focus on personal impact, and time and energy management.

Understanding, Embracing & Leading

Psychology of adaptability and change. Infuse leadership and management with confidence.

Team Alignment Individuals Through to Company

Building strong interactions, and consistent motivation and engagement.

Presentation Skills Being a Person
of Influence

Preparing your team for their most authentic delivery, equipping them with the tools to help find their inner presenting power.

Who is Wolf?

The brainchild of Matilda Brown, Australian writer, actor, director and Christina Smith, Founder of Bear Marketing, Wolf Leadership was born from frustration over the business coaching available in Australia.

Wolf has gathered some of Australia’s best creative minds and business thought leaders to genuinely inspire you and your team towards business growth.

The Wolf Management Team

Matilda Brown CEO
Christina Smith Sales Director
Nick Mckone Creative Director
Kane Draper Head Coach

The Wolf Presenters

Eric Eric
Former basketball player, Motivational Speaker Meet Ericplay_circle_outline
Amanda Amanda
Van Gils
Leadership Coach, Artist Meet Amandaplay_circle_outline
Karen Karen
Television Presenter, Sales Coach Meet Karen play_circle_outline
Firass Firass
Actor, Filmmaker, Provocateur Meet Firassplay_circle_outline
Damian Damian
Actor, Filmaker, Coach Meet Damianplay_circle_outline
Scott Scott
Health Coach, Chef, Business Owner Meet Scottplay_circle_outline
Kane Kane
Sales & Leadership Coach, Certified NLP Practitioner Meet Kaneplay_circle_outline

The “Why” Workshop – Our Most Popular

As you may know, Brand is not just your product, your name, your logo or your existing assets. It’s something more intangible – that passion that separates loveable brands from mediocre brands. The heartbeat of the company. Which many companies struggle to find and articulate because it’s more of an art than a science!

This workshop will challenge any existing vision, mission or why statement you already have and deep dive into why your brand exists so that we can walk away and ensure your communication and marketing strategies/briefs are all cohesive. We will also be drilling down for the ingredients that make up your company’s emotional voice so that internally everyone will be well versed and consistent in how they are communicating and representing the brand. That way, externally, we can increase the connection with the community and represent some of those important sales propositions such as trust, care and loyalty more effectively.

At the end of the workshop, Wolf will pass all the great information we have extracted onto the Bear team to build a fresh new (overarching) Brand Story Video and other marketing assets that will connect with new customers AND remind your old ones why they love you so much.

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