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Leadership, Communication, and Mindset Training
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Disrupt roadblocks.
Uplift your team.
Unlock their potential.

Wolf takes a top-to-bottom look at your business and equips your team with immediate, tangible and proven tools to get them firing on all cylinders.

It’s almost impossible to address your unique challenges solely from within your business. Real change comes from a fresh, honest and direct outside approach.

Forget tedious, day-long seminars. Our short, sharp and engaging workshops, coaching sessions and events build confidence, culture and sales capabilities – to jump start your business again.

We Identify, Quantify, and Activate...

  • Address cultural problems and bring back your sense of direction
  • Motivate your team to think creatively and problem-solve
  • Align your "WHY" and communicate it to customers
  • Close more sales and cultivate better long-term relationships

This is just a taste... We’re not one-size-fits-all! Our team curates the right program to address your unique challenges.

Okay, what could your
program look like?

It all depends on what you want to achieve. We avoid cookie-cutter, band-aid solutions with good old fashioned listening.

Team assessments

Chat No training can be effective without an in-depth understanding of your team and its unique challenges. We’re full of questions to get to the core of what’s holding you back. Only when we’re confident that we know your business and its people do we tailor our sales and management training to meet your goals.

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Interactive Zoom workshops

Your organisation is busy, but being short on time or having off-site team members shouldn’t mean that you miss out on effective training and people development. Monthly personalised online workshops provide actionable guidance for your team and help keep each member accountable for their own development.

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On-site group training

Sometimes a hands-on approach is just what your team needs to uncover a new well of energy. Don’t dread listening to another keynote speaker. Our group workshops with subject experts are built to maximise engagement and get everyone excited about honing their skills and learning new ones.

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Individual coaching

Realise the potential in your most valuable assets – and see the benefits in greater productivity and performance. In Wolf’s one-on-one sessions, our coaches share their experiences, knowledge and specific advice to help break down your roadblocks and give you the confidence to tackle any challenge.

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Team events

Here’s what really sets Wolf Leadership apart. Once you’ve started seeing tangible results from your training and people development, we can work with your team to set up and run events to showcase it. From internal features to corporate social responsibility events, add some “show-and-tell” to your learning programme.

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Personal development material and tools

When you undertake a training programme with Wolf Leadership, you don’t just get mentorship and coaching. We also provide a comprehensive learning management system (LMS), alongside key documentation and takeaways, to help your team implement everything they’ve learnt in their day-to-day work life.

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Packages tailored to suit
your organisation's needs.

At Wolf Leadership, we deliver methods to empower your workforce, simplify
decision-making and facilitate performance measurement.

Team strength analysis

Monthly Zoom group training

On-site training

Access to Wolf’s learning management solution (LMS)

Learning material package

Team event

Showtime event

Social responsibility event


Get an up-close view of the action.

3 x Zoom or onsite sessions

Upper Deck

See the court from a different view.

6 x Zoom or onsite sessions

So what makes us think we can help you?

The best teachers have been there, seen it all, and come out the other side. Our head facilitators are all experts in their respective fields, with decades of experience each in failing, succeeding, and everything in between.


Eric Bailey

Athlete. Speaker. Mindset Expert.

Meet Eric

Eric Bailey

Eric is a former professional Australian NBL player who overcame a difficult upbringing to forge himself a brighter future. Today, Eric is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses realise their true potential. He has a phenomenal way of stoking the inspiration, motivation and commitment that you never knew existed within yourself.

The world’s largest organisations trust Eric’s techniques to connect with their teams – elevating their personal and professional development. Drawing on his unique experiences and varied careers, Eric brings a wealth of knowledge to improve your collective productivity and enhance your wellbeing. He commands a room like no one else and you can feel his passion with every word he delivers.


Michael Croaker

Business expert. Entertainment industry veteran.

Meet Michael

Michael Croaker

Michael is a seasoned professional speaker and communication coach – and has been an award-winning business leader in the Australian theme park industry for over 30 years. An expert at successfully navigating the waters of change management, Michael is passionate about developing teams and is driven to help true leaders emerge from across your organisation.


Catherine Molloy

Communication professional. Business consultant.

Meet Catherine

Catherine Molloy

Catherine is an award-winning trainer and leadership coach with over 25 years of experience in the corporate world. Her goal is to empower individuals and teams to create meaningful connections that lead to genuine business growth. With an engagement style that’s motivational, interactive and inspiring, Catherine tailors her workshops to suit your unique situation.

Psychological Safety

Karen Schulz

25+ years of proven performance in cultural transformation using Neuroscience/ psychological safety.

Sales & Marketing

Danielle Jorgensen

Expert in behavioural changes and clarifying goals.

Emerging Leadership

Andrea J. Gonzalez

Expertise in creating impactful online workshops, that inspire action and employability.

Organisational Culture

Martin Brooker

Decorated veteran. Leadership educator.

Mental Wellbeing

Sharon Orapeleng

Mental health advocate. Policy professional.

Corporate Wellness

Darren Kelly

Personal trainer. Wellness guru.

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